Information About Insurance Fraud Investigators

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Insurance fraud investigators are people who are exclusively trained to detect insurance fraud. These professionals have many years of experience in dealing with various types of different investigations which vary from private cases of fraud to commercial fraud. This is the reason why many insurance companies are hiring the services of these experts to help in insurance fraud investigations. There has been a growth in the number of claims against insurance companies, and many of these are frauds. One of the common frauds is where a driver stages an accident so that they can benefit from an insurance claim. Others will claim more than they deserve after there is a robbery or a fire incident.

Insurance fraud investigators will confirm every claim regardless of the type before they recommend to the insurance company. There is a procedure which is followed when the investigator wants to get the evidence that is needed to prosecute people. First of all, the Insurance Fraud Investigator will carefully go through the insurance claim then they decide whether it is genuine or not. In case they decide that the claim is not genuine, then they will proceed with a covert surveillance operation. The covert surveillance operations will entail static surveillance, mobile surveillance, and covert electronic surveillance.

For the covert surveillance teams, they use unmarked vans, motorcycles, and cars in following up a Insurance Fraud Investigation claim. Videos and cameras are utilized to get excellent results if there is any evidence which is needed for any legal matters. The static surveillance can be carried out from a building or any other place while using the same equipment to get the relevant photographs and evidence. All the information which is obtained from any surveillance operation is documented and then presented in the form of a removable disk.

The covert surveillance is done differently. Secret cameras can be placed to record the people coming and what they do if it is at the pace of work or the residence. The cameras used for these operations are date and time sensitive which is a good thing for any insurance fraud investigation team. Those fraud investigators who are mandated to carry out a certain case use the best surveillance equipment that will help them get the best results. Computer fraud is also on the increase primarily because of the arrival of the internet and also mobile technology. There are computer fraud investigation teams that have specialized in computer forensics. Read more facts about insurance, go to


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